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    The Challenge

    When Cardinal Energy began to grow and amalgamate with other energy companies, their file storage needs changed dramatically. They now had to find a way to stay organized with various filing systems and a higher volume of records than before. They had already maxed the space they had with static shelving, and were looking for a creative solution to add storage to the space without expanding the footprint.

    The Solution

    Cardinal Energy reached out to Foothills Systems as they were interested in a mobile shelving solution. Storage expert Sharon Marsh recommended a Mizer mobile system that would eliminate the wasted aisle space of their previous configuration. Mizer mobiles offer the best of affordability, reliability, and space saving innovation. The system is geared for productivity and organization with steel dividers throughout, and reference shelves for quick file viewing. They agreed this was the most effective and efficient use of their space and budget money, however their plans had changed to include moving to a new location. They liked the concept of mobile shelving so much that they expanded the project for the new office, ensuring they had plenty of room to grow in the future.