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    The Challenge

    A popular Ford Dealership was moving to an all-new location, and needed an efficient storage solution for their parts department. Easily finding and accessing fast moving parts was essential to the health of their inventory, and ensuring they could meet customer’s demands as quickly as possible. They required all types of storage, from batteries, to air filters, to tires and small nuts and bolts.

    The Solution

    Borroughs Box Edge Shelves with High Density Drawers were the perfect solution for the entire department. Box Edge’s variety of shelf options provided the most appropriate strengths of shelves throughout, including economical low capacity shelves for lighter inventory, to 400lb capacity drawers for small but heavy parts.

    Special attention was paid to their inventory to ensure everything had a place, enhancing both access and productivity of staff. Organization is key to the dealership’s inventory health, ensuring the most up-to-date stock is available to the customers who need it now. This complete solution ensures their customers receive the service and products they need, and the dealership’s agendas are met for the long term.