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    The Challenge

    A prestigious law firm in downtown was moving to a new, LEED certified location. LEED certification is a green initiative that prioritizes the best use of utilities like power and heating. The location is prime real estate, and not only do square feet come at a premium, one of the key contributors to LEED certification is cutting down the footprint of space to re-duce the consumption of utilities. One of the challenges this law firm faced was how to store all their litigation binders, client files, and records in a smaller space.

    The Solution

    Mizer and Quicksilver mobile storage systems are used throughout the office, absolutely maximizing every inch of stor-age space. Quicksilver carriages offer a light-duty lateral mobile solution, lining hallways without encroaching on them. Anti-tip tracks make the mobile safe and smooth to operate. A Mizer system stores litigation binders in about half the footprint of conventional shelving, while matching the aesthetics of the office. The office’s modest storage footprint is maximized for future growth, while following the green initiatives of Livingston Place and the law firm.