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    The Challenge

    In retail, the goal is to sell- and to sell you must have inventory. To accommodate the inventory they needed, a furniture retailer required the most efficient use of space. A large mezzanine in the warehouse was one option; however, elevators would be too costly for second floor access. Employees would have to climb stairs. The risk of damaged inventory or employee injury was not an option. The use of distribution centres was another idea, but it would be too costly. Customers want their products instantly- a competitive edge that other furniture retailers could provide.

    The Solution

    An industrial grade Mizer Mobile system was installed with twelve foot high bulk racking. The shelves were configured to accommodate all shapes and sizes in their inventory. The compact shelving eliminated wasteful aisle space and maximized storage capacity, and a Work Assist vehicle was used to access higher shelves. It allowed the company to economically store the entire inventory on site- in fact the solution was used in two separate locations. Mizer Mobiles eliminated the concern of damaged inventory, the liability of employee safety, and the costly distribution centre option.