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    The Challenge

    A turn of the century armories building was being converted into the new City of Edmonton Archives facility to house historical documents, and space was at a premium. The archives consisted of historically significant photos, posters, correspondence, scrapbook, maps and blueprints, and were extremely valuable to the city. An area of concern was the threat of flooding due to hydraulic flooring, and the devastating damage it could cause to the lower level collections. The threat of off-gassing from a non-archival grade building also posed significant risk.

    The Solution

    A Mizer Mobile system was the perfect solution for maximizing the capacity of the space, saving 45% of the limited and valuable floor space for expansion. To offset the threat of flooding, a low profile track was installed, removing any possibility of flood damage to a sub deck and the lower level collections. All surfaces were metallic and powder coated to eliminate off gassing and maintain an acid free environment. Capacity was maximized, the threat of flooding eliminated, and the best archival grade environment ensures a collection that will stand the test of time.