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    The Challenge

    An auction house in New York dealing in high priced, specialized items was out of space. Their growth was stifled, and the lack of space created an increased risk of damage to extremely valuable inventory. Storing their items incorrectly could lead to scratched or destroyed merchandise- or worse: injury to employees. The auction house considered their options: moving to a larger warehouse in Manhattan where square footage comes at a debilitating price, or making a protracted change to a foreign and unproven workflow process, sacrificing efficiency and profitability.

    The Solution

    A local Stelterr dealer proposed an innovative approach. They installed Mizer mobile carriages under existing shelving systems, which compacted the storage and minimized the wasted aisle space. The crushing weight of their inventory demanded the best mobile system- and Mizer delivered. The powerful balanced drive design is an all-wheel drive carriage, which eliminates yaw while delivering speedy access. Mizer comes with a lifetime warranty- but they haven’t used it once since installation in 2008. The increase in storage capacity meant no expensive relocation, no more costly square feet- and virtually no change to their current workflow.