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    The Challenge

    A Skate and Snowboard shop was opening an exciting new flagship store at a prime retail location in the heart of the city. A primary focus for this store was to have the biggest in-stock selection of the hottest shoes, snowboard boots, bindings, and helmets for their customers. The owner knew he had to have as large a retail floor as possible, which meant the most efficient use of space in the stock rooms was of the utmost importance.

    The Solution

    Four combination Rivet-Span and Mizer mobile storage systems were designed to make the best use of the space, while remaining as economical as possible. Rivet-Span’s accessibility from all sides and adjustability, mixed with it’s economical steel and wood design made it the perfect shelving option, and it was planned according to each room to house specific box sizes– shoes, boots, bindings, and helmets. Mizer Mobiles compacted these units to eliminate wasted aisle space, allowing the store to stock thousands of products, ensuring everything would be in stock and ready for the instant demands of their customers.

    The store is beautiful– the wide open retail spaces and a cabin-in-the-mountains aesthetics make it a welcoming paradise for boarders. Their efficient storage systems facilitated this airy atmosphere, while ensuring everything on the shelves is available to try on and take home today.