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    The Challenge

    The Ambrose University College had an extensive collection of learning materials: one hundred and sixty thousand volumes and counting. They had to share a fifteen thousand square foot space with over two-hundred study carrels and all related administrative offices. The volume of learning materials alone was too great to fit into the space with conventional shelving. Expansion of the building was far too costly, and moving the study areas and offices away from the library would cause even more challenges, costing more money and stifling workflow.

    The Solution

    An innovative Mizer Mobile system was installed, which capably stored all learning materials while preserving over seven thousand square feet of space. It was beautifully appointed with wood end-panels to compliment the other furnishings of the library, and the tracks were safely inset into the concrete floors. The system was divided into twelve blocks to create multiple instant access points. This Mizer solution was well within the budget of the library, and the space it created facilitated the study areas and the offices. The need for expansion or division of the facility – along with protracted construction times and budget overages, was eliminated.