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    The Challenge

    The Yellowknife Legislative library is a rarity. Beautifully constructed of circular glass and steel, it’s an ambitious project in a remote area. The library provides information and reference to members of the legislative assembly, their staff, and the government of the North West Territories. The architecture allows light to pour in at many angles, something that needed to be considered in the furnishings so it would be uninhibited. They required capacity for their extensive collections, and working furniture for their offices and work spaces, that would complete the vision for the facility.

    The Solution

    Since the library was an unconventional shape with so much natural light coming in, our dealer planned the furnishings within to allow the light to flow in as much as possible with book shelving installed perpendicular to the windows. The work spaces were created with flow and efficiency in mind, keeping wide hallways and traffic areas to contribute to the open feel. The end result is a beautiful, flowing, naturally lit library.