Made in North America Means:

High Quality Manufacturing

Mizer is proudly manufactured in Calgary, Canada, by the same team that built the first unit back in 1998. It’s passionately built to stand the test of time and rigorous use, by skilled tradesmen following the best and safest practices in the manufacturing industry. Our in-house manufacturing makes us accountable to our product, and our Lifetime Warranty guarantees it’s performance over the long term.

Shorter Lead Times

Our 20,000 square foot warehouse is filled with ready-to-ship shelving stock, and has a shorter distance to travel than our overseas competitors. This results in faster delivery, minimized damage claims, and ultimately shorter sales cycles.

Lower Overall Prices

Because every Mizer is tailor made for each project, we manufacture our Mizer Carriages “Just In Time” for delivery and installation. This cuts down on storage costs, and since our products are made in North America, they have shorter distances to travel, resulting in lower freight costs and minimal risk of damage.