Lincora Lockers

Lincora Lockers are a Canadian made Commercial Grade Locker for business use. Fully assembled and welded on delivery, Lincora lockers are essentially a plug-and-play specialty product for truly secure storage.

These lockers are one of the most robust brands on the market and are best suited to Commercial and Industrial use.

Lincora can customize lockers to any size and colour. Maximize your space by custom fitting lockers- rather than trying to fit a standard into your room.

Corridor Lockers

Standard Single-Point Latch

The Lincora single-point latch corridor locker is a strong and durable metal locker. In addition to being quiet and maintenance free, this all-welded locker does not have any moving parts, which ensures an economic and outstanding performance for generations of students and staff alike. Our Series 50 Nova line comes in single tier, double tier, and multiple tiers, ideal for schools and changing rooms. They also come in banks of 1, 2 or 3 columns and as recessed or wall-mounted configuration. Many size options are available and we provide a quick-ship program for items in stock.

Standard 3-Point Latch

If you are looking for a maintenance-free, three-point latching corridor locker, our Series 53 Liberty line of all-welded lockers is the answer. Strong and secure, this metal locker can be installed as a single application or in a widespread locker area. It’s perfect for school corridors, changing rooms and staff rooms. This locker delivers a very reliable, durable and cost-efficient solution for your institution’s specific demands.

The Series 53 Liberty line is available in a recessed or wall-mounted configuration. You can choose a single tier or multiple tier setup, ranging from 1 to 3 columns. A wide selection of sizes and options are available to meet your needs.

Heavy Duty Single-Point Latch

he heavy duty single-point latch locker is designed to withstand intense use and is resistant to rough treatment. It is, however, just as quiet and maintenance-free as the other models. This all-welded locker is the enhanced version of our staple single point latch series, and will keep all belongings safe and secure.

This locker is standard built from thicker, 16-gauge steel with many strong features such as continuous piano hinges and a full-height continuous door strike. Our heavy duty locker will stand the test of time and performance, even in the toughest environments.

Heavy Duty 3-Point Latch

This is the ultimate heavy duty solution for a low-maintenance, strong and secure three-point latching locker. Standard built from strong heavy duty gauges of steel, this all-welded locker is resistant to the hands of time, and is made with the best components in mind, such as continuous piano hinges and a full-height continuous door strike, which will provide decades of safe service in many types of environments.

Athletic Lockers

Single Point Latch

The Lincora athletic locker with its single-point latch system is made of welded metal and offers many great features. Solid and resistant, it is virtually maintenance free and features a grid for easy air circulation. This locker is also quiet and safe for all users, children and adults alike. Multipurpose and functional, this locker will be a star in any locker room.

These lockers are available in various models, ranging from one to six stacked doors, and in rows of one, two, or three columns. They can be installed in alcove, stand-alone configuration, or simply wall mounted. These options offer flexibility for the various needs of schools, gyms, or fire stations.

3-Point Latch

Made of entirely welded metal, this 3-point latch sports locker requires no maintenance and is a great cost-effective and practical solution that can meet the needs of several locations, such as schools and sport centers. Quiet and well ventilated, this locker is a hit in all types of locker rooms.

You can choose among many models, including those with one door or multiple stacked doors, ranging from one to three columns wide. A number of sizes and options are available to suit your needs.

Heavy Duty Single-Point Latch

This heavy duty single-point latch athletic locker boasts all of our product features. It is quiet, virtually maintenance free, durable, and secure, and sets itself apart with the exceptional resistance of the superior steel caliber from which it is made. The diamond-shaped openings on the doors ensure optimal air circulation, ideal for school locker rooms, gymnasiums or sports centers.

Heavy Duty 3-Point Latch

Exceptional strength and longevity characterize this superior steel caliber fully-welded athletic locker promising ease of maintenance and peace of mind. In fact, its structure and latch system are resistant to the elements and make it ideal for frequent usage under any circumstance. What’s more, practical openings in its doors allow air to circulate, which is particularly appreciated in gym locker rooms and sports centers.

As with our other models, this high-end series is available in models with one to six stacked doors, as well as in series of one, two, or three columns. Strength, performance and reliability is the name of the game for all models, and many configurations are possible.

Basket Lockers

This solid basket locker will meet the particular needs of any gymnasium by providing practical and efficient solutions to your stacking needs. The baskets are perforated and offer good air circulation, thereby preventing any unpleasant odours.

Team lockers

Specially designed for the comfort and needs of sports team members, this team locker is remarkably functional. It is made of a large welded steel structure, and the lockable upper compartment can keep the user’s personal belongings safe. A solid wood bench incorporated in the locker doubles as a lid for a ventilated and lockable storage compartment. This locker meets all the standards of strength, resistance and security, and is an essential element for a stadium, skating rink or gymnasium locker room layout.

Athletic Wardrobe Lockers

This large athletic wardrobe metal locker offers many storage and usage possibilities. Made of superior caliber welded steel, it is resistant to the elements and ensures a long-lasting, practical and secure usage. It is equipped with a wooden bench on top of a storage compartment that automatically locks when the locker door is closed. The gridded doors offer a great ventilation system. This multi-functional locker can adapt to all your needs, in whatever environment or usage.

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

We specialize, among other things, in the manufacturing of police lockers. Made of welded steel, they are resistant, functional and multipurpose. Our standard police locker has two doors, but it is also available with a single door, according to the required width. This type of locker is only custom made in order to better meet the very specific needs and requirements of the police force. The layout possibilities are unlimited and specially-adapted accessories are here to serve you.

Tactical Lockers

This resistant model, made of superior caliber steel, offers many diverse storage and usage options. Equipped with a drawer (which locks automatically when the locker door is closed), a bench, a hook for a bulletproof vest, as well as a triangular clothing separator and a lockable compartment, it meets all special requirements in a functional and efficient manner. Ventilation is optimized thanks to interior and exterior perforations. Openings also allow for easy installation of electrical devices.